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  1. This viaduct is about to be rebuilt to carry the Tarka cycle route into Hatherleigh.
    It is found west of Hele road bridge on the A386 bridging the river Torridge.

    1. I have always had a keen interest in what was the ND&CJLR and I can assure you that this is Torrington viaduct.
      The Torridge was crossed near West Fishleigh on a similar girder bridge, of just two 66′ spans.
      If you look carefully above the viaduct you can see the telegraph poles and fence posts, on the A386 “Station Hill” coming down from Torrington common, and at the bottom left of the picture the bridge over the “Rolle Road” which ran along beside the Torridge and was originally the Rolle Canal.
      I would not have replied if I was not absolutely certain .

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