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  1. Captain Budgett kept the hounds at Nethercott house Iddesleigh the (now home of Farms for City children)… Captain budgett was a consultee for Michael Morpurgos book War Horse. As He had served in WW1 with the Calvary. For many years his wipper in was Jack Gould. Jack Had one of his legs straight (no knee cap) through a motor cycle accident but a good horse man

    1. I had the great fortune to know Captain Budget, he invited me to his home at Iddesleigh where he taught me the art of fly fishing. I fished with him on his stretch of water, on the Okement Foot and Torridge, he gave me a green-heart fly rod he bought in Scotland and used homemade fishing flies which he made from squirrel hair, wonderful days. I still have a oak stool the Captain made for one of the Hatherleigh charities, which my mother bought, it sits beside my arm chair.


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