School Headmaster's Register 1918, page 1

2 Pages from School Headmaster’s Register, 1918

Martin Hartnett 1901-1920, Education 1 Comment

School Register October 1918, page 1
School Headmaster's Register 1918, page 2
School Headmaster’s Register 1918, page 2

These are copies of pages taken from School Headmaster Mr Seldon`s register in 1918. There are many absences especially by the boys as the weather breaks and the harvest needs bringing in. With so many of the farm workers away serving in WW1 it was a difficult time. Blackberries were gathered by the school children to be made into jam and sent to the troops. The School was then closed because of the Spanish Flu epidemic but reopened on the 11.11.1918.

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  1. Can you elaborate on the signature at the bottom that maybe that of my great great grandfather W Abell? Our understanding is that he farmed at Crockers Hele.

    Bit of a surprise to see it there! Thank you.

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